About us and why it is free...

Your sportpools is a free online hockey pool manager. The goal with the site is to provide free pool management and statistic tracking of the NHL.

This site started in April 2006 and so far the only avaible sport is hockey (NHL). From the beginning the site had hockey pools and football live scores. That was a big success and now we have now created a dedicated site for the live scores, check http://www.rsslivescores.com for more information.

A common question is why it is free, when all the other sites cost something. Well, the founder and head developer of the site, Emil Kagstrom, was managing his hockey pool at one of these sites last year. It was promised to be free. When there was a couple of months left of the season that site started to charge to log in and see the pools. It was not to expensive but Emil thought that it's a matter of principles. So he started to build his own hockey pool managing site. First it was only meant to be a very simple application to track his own pool. But with time it grew bigger and bigger and a decision was made to offer it to the public. So, here you are, a free hockey pool manager system!

Yoursportpools.com is created, powered and maintained by kipnic.com, a new and fresh source for webmasters and companies that wants something extra to their websites. Since we want to keep all the services provided here at yoursportpools.com free we've added the possibility to donate money. It costs money to run this website and at the moment the advertising on the site is not making up for the cost to host, develop and maintain the site. So if you like the services provided, we would greately appriciate any donation.
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