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free hockey pools

Our new free hockey pools system is now up and running. The new system looks a bit like the old one but there's some new features. One new thing is that instead of logging in to a pool, you will log in to your account. With your user account you can create or join multiple pools, using only one login. The draft systems are still the same, you still have to choice to draft like you want. You can read more about our features at the hockey pool features page.

Everything is till free, although donations are greatly appriciated, so why use a pool site that charges when you can use our free hockey pools system? This site has always been free and that is our ambitions for the future as well. In order to be able to run a free hockey pool system we have chosen to put ads on the site.

So gather your friends and Register now! Happy pooling :)

Demo pool

Try the demo pool to get a feel for our free office pool system. Log in on the right side of the page with demo2008 as both username and password.

Playoff pools

As soon as the Stanley Cup is getting closer, you will be able to register free playoff pools.

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