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Our free live scores RSS feed for numerous top football leagues in europe are a great success. We have recieved a lot of feedback on how to improve it, and what was good about it. Some stability updates have been made and are stil beeing made.

It's now time to seperate the football scores from the hockey pools. So from now on the rss feed for live soccer scores will be found at our new Rss live scores site. If you are using any of our feeds, it's now time to update your links to this site.

For questions, please contact Kipnic (powering both and

Why RSS?
You might wonder why you should use the RSS feed to get live scores? Well, there's a lot of reasons for that. You can use the feed on your site to give your users another service, so that they might come back to your site more often. Maybe you're stuck at work when there's an important game, what wouldn't be better than getting the latest scores straight to your RSS reader? And for all webmasters, you will have constantly updated content at your website, and that's the stuff the search engines likes!
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