1. What is this?
This is a online management system for sportpools, and a RSS provider for live scores.

2. What is a sportpool?
A sportpool is a way to compete against your friends to see who can choose the best players in different sports. It keep track of statistics of the chosen players and shows who of the participants in the pool have picked the best players.

3. Does this cost something?
No, it is 100% free to use this service.

4. It sounds wierd, what's the catch?
There's no catch at all.

5. I want to start a pool for the AHL, is this possible?
At the moment you can only have pools for the NHL.

6. I accidently picked the wrong player in the draft, can I change?
No, make sure to pick the right guy!

7. It sounds great, how do I start a pool?
Register your pool by clicking here

8. How do I get the RSS feed(s)?
If you use Firefox to surf the web, you will see a orange symbol either in the bottom right corner of the browser or in the URL field. This symbol indicates that there are some RSS feeds avaible on the site. By clicking on the symbol you can add the feed as a active bookmark in your bookmarks collection. Each time there's something new in the feed it will go straight to your bookmarks, as a subfield of the feed.

9. OK, but I don't use Firefox?
There are numerous RSS reading softwares out there. RssReader is a good and free software for this purpose. There are also a lot of email clients that has built in RSS reading functionallity. Google for "Rss Reader" and the choises are there!

10. How can I add the RSS feeds to my site?
The RSS feeds are simple XML files (even though the file extension says .aspx). All you need to do is to parse the XML file on your site and present the results. Depending on what programming possibilities you have there's different choises. If your website is running on PHP, the Magpie parser is free and easy-to-use. Antother one for PHP is LastRSS, also free and easy-to-use. If you have any questions about how all this work, send an email and we'll try to help!

11. I still have no idea how this RSS thing works, but I want to add your feeds to my site
Contact us us and our team can code this for you for a small fee.

12. How do my friends join the pool I've created? Send them an email with the name and the pool password and a link to the pool finder. At the pool finder, they can search for the name of the pool to join. Once the pool has been located, click join and enter the password for the hockey pool, not the user password. The link is

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